Patient-Derived 3D Culture Platform (PD-3D™):

organ-specific 3D culture systems to recapitulate human biology

 Ixchel, as depicted by the pre-Columbian Maya (Dresden Codex, p.49)

 Ixchel, as depicted by pre-Columbian Maya (Dresden Codex, p.49)

Founded on the principle that cures for human diseases require human-specific laboratory systems, Ixchel Scientific has created 3D cell culture technologies recapitulating physiologically relevant organ-specific human microenvironment.

Ixchel [iʃ’tʃél], or Lady of the Rainbow (Ix, meaning feminine; and chel, meaning rainbow), is an ancient Mayan jaguar goddess of medicine/healing and fertility.

Our Team

Julia Kirshner, PhD

Founder & CEO

Julia has over 15 years of experience in oncology R&D spanning multiple areas of cancer biology, including: development of physiological organotypic preclinical models, molecular target and biomarker discovery, evaluation of drug-resistance, tumor microenvironment, tumor heterogeneity, cancer stem cells, and tumor immunology. Prior to starting Ixchel Scientific, Julia was an Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences at Purdue University.

Mukti Parikh, PhD

Founder & CTO

Mukti is a cancer biologist with research background in tumor microenvironment, cancer stem cells, mechanisms of metastasis, and cell signaling. As a doctoral scholar, Mukti identified key signaling pathways responsible for metastasis and discovered new drug targets for intervention against stage IV cancers. Mukti is the recipient of multiple awards and honors, including Outstanding Research Award and the AACR Women in Cancer Scholar in Training Award.

Ivan Plavec, PhD

Commercial and Business Development

Managing Partner at Ascellna LLC, Ivan has deep expertise in technical and commercial development of life science tools and services. He held various executive business development and research management positions in biotech and pharma industry, and is co-inventor of BioMAP technology.

Niyati Jhaveri, PhD

Associate Scientist

Niyati graduated from the University of Southern California with a PhD in Genetic, Molecular and Cellular Biology. She has extensive experience in translational cancer research particularly in the development of novel therapeutics targeting drug-resistant cancer stem cells in malignant brain tumors.

Robert Tressler, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Rob has extensive expertise in preclinical pharmacology, toxicology, and cell-based assays with over 30 years of academic and industry experience in preclinical research and development. He has held various positions of leadership, where he oversaw R&D supporting oncology development candidates from early discovery through IND-enabling studies.

Mina Bissell, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Bissell is a Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences. She pioneered the field of tumor microenvironment and made paradigm-shifting contributions to our understanding of cancer biology. She introduced the concept of “phenotype dominant over genotype” and established that perturbations in tissue microenvironment contribute to cancer development.

John Shively, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Shively is world-renowned biochemist with an international reputation for his work with antibody conjugates for cancer diagnosis and therapy. Dr. Shively is an expert in tumor immunology and tumor microenvironment and is an author of over 300 manuscripts and is a recipient of multiple research awards.

Karen Reckamp, MD

Clinical Advisor

Dr. Reckamp is a board certified medical oncologist with over 10 years of experience treating lung cancer. She is the co-director of the Lung Cancer and Thoracic Oncology Program at the City of Hope National Medical Center. Dr. Reckamp is a recognized leader in clinical research in lung cancer and is a recipient of ASCO Leadership Development Award.

Wael Harb, MD

Clinical Advisor

Dr. Harb is a board certified clinical oncologist with over 15 years of experience in medical oncology and clinical research. Dr. Harb is the founder of Horizon Oncology Center, Horizon BioAdvance, and Horizon Oncology Research Inc., where his efforts focus on patient care conducting multicenter, international phase I-IV clinical trials in oncology.



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